EE Web Design

Elizabeth Eisenstein

Front End Developer and Web Designer

What I Do

I am a freelance front-end developer and web designer specializing in HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, and Wordpress websites. My goal is to create sites that are easy and fun to engage with by presenting content in a clear, readable way while still being a treat for the eyes.


How I Do It

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • PHP
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Wordpress

Who I Am

My background is in fine art, specifically photography, and my 8 years of formal art education has helped me develop a refined eye for graphic design and visual detail. When not designing or coding, I can be found with either a camera or fork in hand!

About me

Responsive layouts. Built from the ground up.

In this day and age it is critical that websites are designed to look and function properly on a variety of devices and monitors. I design websites that load quickly on any device — from smartphones to tablets to desktops — with interfaces that enhance user experience. If you're currently viewing this site on a computer, resize your browser window to see what I mean!

Pencil and Notebook by Laptop | © Elizabeth Eisenstein

Pencil and Notebook on Bed | © Elizabeth Eisenstein

Eye catching design. Applied to beautifully clear and functional layouts.

Though I highly value uniqueness and edge when it comes to graphic design, clarity in presentation is my foremost concern. I strive to design websites that are easy to read and explore, and apply subtle visual flare only where, and when, desired.

Beyond the website... I offer site maintenance, branding, and more.

What good is a shiny new website if it's never updated? I can help keep your site and web presence fresh. I also offer branding and graphic design services, so you're company's identity is consistent and personalized. Though by no means mandatory, these services are key for engaged visitors and repeat customers.

Laptop and iPhone | © Elizabeth Eisenstein